Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire futuristic ideas and innovation in window treatments by providing affordable, quality products and brand loyalty.

Company Profile

Tribute Window CoveringsTribute Window Coverings is a trailblazer: an anchor in home décor and a formidable contributor to the interior design industry with worldwide recognition. Tribute Window Coverings has proven expertise in on-trend window treatments. Our philosophy is customer-centric, offering solutions, products and expertise. The Company’s mindset is insightful and forward-thinking, evidenced by sourcing products globally. Tribute Window Coverings maintains a robust inventory. Ever mindful of our carbon footprint, our product line offers a large selection of eco-friendly fabrics. Our state-of-the-art facility is strategically located near transportation hubs. Being entirely automated and fully digitalized allows us an efficient turnaround time. Customer commitment is a catalyst in reinforcing our vision and solidifying our mission.